The #1 mission and goal of this website, as well as its support staff, is to educate and empower those researching disposal process. Dealing with nuclear materials, no matter how low the level of radioactivity, can be a bit nerve-racking. Our support staff will carefully listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions completely; enabling you and your team with the knowledge and confidence to make informed, calculated decisions about what solution fits best for your expired tritium exit signs.

TLS provides toll-free phone support for all types of questions and requests, including technical, regulatory, and environmental concerns. Corporate headquarters for The Lighting Source LLC, which operates, are located in Studio City, CA, right off of Ventura Blvd. in the beautiful San Fernando Valley. A satellite office is located in Edgewater, MD, right outside of Annapolis, the state capital.

Through operating phone support centers on both the east coast and west coast, is able to offer 24/7 sales and technical assistance. Simply call 800-282-5600 to speak with an expert right now. If you are fortunate enough, you might even speak with Evan Delaporte, the founder of TLS, who still answers support calls from time to time. Evan has always taken pleasure in educating potential clients about the ins and outs of the tritium exit sign disposal process, and his passion for customer service is echoed daily by all team members at The Lighting Source.

Evan is a member of the UL 924 Standards Technical Panel and has more than 7 years experience with the disposal and recycling process for expired tritium exit signs. He has facilitated the organized disposal/recycling of more than 10,000 tritium exit signs for Fortune 500 companies including Home Depot and Target.

Expect to be impressed by the depth of technical knowledge we can offer you about the tritium disposal process at any time of the day. Our cradle to grave approach to tritium recycling will leave you feeling comfortable and satisfied. We understand and appreciate that when dealing with nuclear materials, no matter how low the level of radioactivity, it’s important to have all the information in order to make the most sound decision.