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    Frequently Asked Questions about Tritium Disposal

    1Can tritium exit signs hurt or even kill me?
    No. While these signs contain low levels of radioactive isotopes, the tritium gas is encapsulated in shatterproof glass tubes that do not emit the radiation. The signs are safe to handle when unbroken and should not cause alarm. Even when broken, inhalation of the gas is not lethal.
    2Can you guys recycle any tritium exit sign?
    Yes. All tritium exit signs must be tracked and properly disposed BY LAW. Even if information such as the lifespan, make, model, or date of manufacture is illegible, we can still recycle your sign!
    3How much does tritium disposal cost?
    The cost for disposal can vary depending on the type of project, quantity of signs to be disposed of, and if you need new replacement exit signs. Fill out the “Request Quote” section above and click “Send”. We work quick, so expect a quote in less than 30 minutes.
    4How do I know my signs were disposed of properly?
    Once the recycling facility catalogs your returned exit signs, we will furnish you with a manifest detailing the exit signs by serial number. This manifest also serves as legal proof to complete the transfer of ownership and responsibility of said signs.
    5I don't want to pay to recycle my sign. Who's gonna stop me from just tossing them in the dumpster?
    The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) oversees and tracks the life cycle of every tritium exit sign in North America, from the cradle to the grave. Failure to replace / improper disposal of the signs can lead to federal seizure of your building, heavy fines and imprisonment of the business owner. When searching for a disposal broker, make sure they are properly licensed and bonded. The recycling facility we utilize has a current NRC license, which is available upon request, just call or email.

    Do Your Part - Keep Tritium Out of Our Landfills

    Why people choose us?

    • RGAs completed as quickly as 48 hours!
    • NRC-Licensed recycling facility.
    • Full customer protection from regulatory agencies.
    • Save big when you buy replacement tritium or photoluminescent signs through Lighting Source.
    • We dispose all tritium, from standard UL exit signs to mini aircraft models and even tritium watches!
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      About us

      “, operated by The Lighting Source LLC, is a California based lighting solutions company that focuses on boutique, client-based solutions for niche applications. This most certainly includes the recycling and disposal process for tritium powered self-luminous exit signs.

      Emergency egress fixture & system design, compliance & regulation, and supply chain logistics are specialties of TLS. Offering almost every make and model available today, TLS creates cost-effective, efficient, and compliant emergency lighting and exit sign systems for domestic and international clients. Founder Evan Delaporte is a member of the UL 924 Standards Technical Panel as well as the National Fire Protection Association.

      The Lighting Source is also a full-line lighting distributor for all major manufacturers including Cooper, Philips, and GE. For any other lighting needs, please call or email today.”

      The Lighting Source The easy, compliant, and comfortable choice.

      More than 15,000 tritium exit signs disposed

      TLS founder Evan Delaporte has recycled/disposed of more than 15,000 tritium exit signs in the last five years from Fortune 500 clients such as Target and The Home Depot. Whether it’s 1 sign or 100, the team at The Lighting Source will take the time to first educate you and your colleagues on the ins and outs of the disposal process.

      Any and all questions are welcomed, and we look forward to making you feel comfortable with the entire process. Next, we will help you with each step including the shipping labels for getting your signs to the disposal facility.

      Lastly, TLS will provide you with a manifest that shows, by line item, each disposed exit signs and its manufacturing details (serial number, make, & model). If there are ever any questions about disposal compliance/completion, this manifest will satisfy all of them.

      Safe. Simple. Seamless.

      That is what you can expect from, operated by The Lighting Source LLC.

      Evan Delaporte


      More than 7+ years experience in tritium exit sign disposal. Member UL924 STP and NFPA. Thoroughly versed in all disposal procedures, requirements, and regulations. Originally from Annapolis, MD, he resides in Los Angeles, CA and graduated the University of Maryland, College Park in 2007.