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    Frequently Asked Questions about Tritium Disposal

    1Can tritium exit signs hurt or even kill me?
    Tritium exit signs cannot harm or cause fatalities. Despite containing small amounts of radioactive isotopes, the tritium gas is confined within unbreakable glass tubes that prevent radiation leakage. Handling these signs when intact is safe and does not pose any risk. In the event of breakage, inhalation of the gas is not fatal and should not be a cause for concern.
    2Can you guys recycle any tritium exit sign?
    Absolutely. According to the law, all tritium exit signs must be appropriately disposed of, and their whereabouts monitored. If the information on the sign, such as its production date, make, model, or lifespan, is no longer legible, it can still be recycled through our services.
    3How much does tritium disposal cost?
    The expense of disposing of tritium exit signs may vary based on the scope of the project, the number of signs requiring disposal, and whether you require new exit signs as replacements. Please complete the "Request Quote" section above and select "Send" to receive a quote. Our team works efficiently, and you can anticipate receiving a quote in under 30 minutes.
    4How do I know my signs were disposed of properly?
    After receiving your returned exit signs, the recycling facility will create a catalog and provide you with a manifest that outlines the exit signs by their serial numbers. This manifest serves as legal proof that the ownership and responsibility of the signs have been transferred to the recycling facility.
    5I don't want to pay to recycle my sign. Who's gonna stop me from just tossing them in the dumpster?
    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) supervises and monitors every aspect of tritium exit signs' life cycle in North America, from their inception to disposal. Failure to replace or correctly dispose of these signs can result in severe penalties, including federal confiscation of the building, hefty fines, and even imprisonment of the business owner. When looking for a disposal broker, it is crucial to ensure that they are appropriately licensed and bonded. The recycling facility we use holds a valid NRC license, which is available upon request through phone or email.

    Do Your Part - Keep Tritium Out of Our Landfills

    Why people choose us?

    • RGAs completed as quickly as 48 hours!
    • NRC-Licensed recycling facility.
    • Full customer protection from regulatory agencies.
    • Save big when you buy replacement tritium or photoluminescent signs through Lighting Source.
    • We dispose all tritium, from standard UL exit signs to mini aircraft models and even tritium watches!

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    About us

    " is operated by The Lighting Source LLC, a California-based lighting solutions company that specializes in providing custom, client-based solutions for niche applications. Our services include the safe recycling and disposal of tritium-powered self-luminous exit signs, as well as emergency egress fixture and system design, compliance and regulation, and supply chain logistics.

    At TLS, we offer almost every make and model of emergency lighting and exit sign available today, creating cost-effective, efficient, and compliant systems for our domestic and international clients. Our founder, Evan Delaporte, is a member of the UL 924 Standards Technical Panel as well as the National Fire Protection Association.

    In addition to our specialized services, The Lighting Source is also a full-line lighting distributor for all major manufacturers, including Cooper, Philips, and GE. If you have any other lighting needs, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email."

    The Lighting Source The easy, compliant, and comfortable choice.

    More than 15,000 tritium exit signs disposed, operated by The Lighting Source LLC, offers efficient and safe disposal of tritium exit signs. Founder Evan Delaporte has recycled/disposed of more than 15,000 tritium exit signs in the last five years from Fortune 500 clients such as Target and The Home Depot. Whether it’s 1 sign or 100, the team at The Lighting Source will take the time to first educate you and your colleagues on the ins and outs of the disposal process.

    Any and all questions are welcomed, and we look forward to making you feel comfortable with the entire process. Next, we will help you with each step including the shipping labels for getting your signs to the disposal facility.

    Lastly, will provide you with a manifest that shows, by line item, each disposed exit signs and its manufacturing details (serial number, make, & model). If there are ever any questions about disposal compliance/completion, this manifest will satisfy all of them.

    Safe. Simple. Seamless.

    That is what you can expect from, operated by The Lighting Source LLC.

    Evan Delaporte


    "More than 7+ years experience in tritium exit sign disposal. Member UL924 STP and NFPA. Thoroughly versed in all disposal procedures, requirements, and regulations. Originally from Annapolis, MD, he resides in Los Angeles, CA and graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2007. These are the qualifications of the founder of, Evan Delaporte. With his expertise and experience, you can trust that your tritium exit signs will be disposed of properly and in compliance with all regulations. Contact today to safely and seamlessly dispose of your tritium exit signs."